James Kittredge

James Kittredge brings his tremendous background of management, sales, and leadership to the real estate platform.

“No Deal too Big or too Small.”

James grew up in a family owned manufacturing business where his contribution of hard work, enthusiasm, treating of others with respect, and leadership helped to grow the family business into a profitable multi-million dollar company. James recalls that his father taught him that the greatest asset of any company are the employees, to always have time for them and to treat them with the greatest respect. James brings these same lessons to the Reyes and Kittredge Group.

James earned an MBA from Clark University Graduate School of Management and highly values his education from that prestigious institution. James is the author of a children’s novel, “The Three Little Explorers”, which depicts a family vacation he and his family took through Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. James states that all these accomplishments are nice but, his greatest achievement and joy are his six children ranging in ages from 32, 29, 27, 9, 3, and 3. James has been a foster father for countless number of children and has adopted three children. James hobbies are martial arts, music-guitar, boating/fishing, shooting, and just hanging out with his family.

James states as the owner and principal of the Reyes and Kittredge Group he brings his passion for life, love of people, and his desire and determination for success to help his clients achieve their personal and business goals. James’ business mantra is no deal to big or too small. We are about servicing our clients, helping them achieve their goals and to remain loyal in hopes of creating and maintaining a business relationship that will last for many years to come.

Reyes and Kittredge Group is the brainstorm of Glendalys Reyes-Kittredge and James Kittredge. Glendalys and James have always believed in giving back to the community, when they addressed the need for foster parenting in the City of Worcester they opened their hearts and home to countless number of foster children. Glendalys and James state “that their servitude spirit has gained them the insight and privilege to truly understand what it means to listen, connect, and serve people in their community.”

Reyes and Kittredge Group addresses the same need to listen, connect, and serve people in the real estate industry and with the same passion have incorporated it into a business model where the clients’ needs and goals are listen to and understood. Purchasing, selling, or renting property is always a big event in life whereby Reyes and Kittredge Group dedicates the time, energy, and resources to find out exactly what the client wants, expects, and truly needs. This relationship building business model is who Reyes and Kittredge Group are and they take a genuine interest in their clients.

Reyes and Kittredge Group business mantra is “No Deal to Big or too Small”. Whether you are selling or buying a multi-million dollar home or looking to buy your first home the clients at Reyes and Kittredge Group receive the same attention and dedication. Reyes and Kittredge Group is a real estate company that focuses on building lifelong business relationships. Reyes and Kittredge Group are passionate to serve their clients and bring their real estate goals and dreams into fruition.

Reyes and Kittredge Group are committed to their clients every step of the way and understand that purchasing, selling, and renting property is a process and along the way they make it their commitment to listen, understand, and focus on your needs and goals. Even after the deal is done Reyes and Kittredge Group is committed to maintaining the trust, friendship and relationship that was built during their time serving their clients.


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We are about servicing our clients, helping them achieve their goals and to remain loyal in hopes of creating and maintaining a business relationship that will last for many years to come.


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